Lazer Kat Records is an independent record label that focus on iPad and iPhone Music Creation. We came together for our love of creating music using this new and exciting platform. Our goal is to further develop the community we are proudly a part of, and consolidate our medium in a professional level.The label gathers talented artists from all over the world, integrating music that spans many different genres, and paradigms.

  1. Maria

    6 months ago

    Congrats! Thanks for creating a place where all ios musicians can call home!! I look forward to being a part of this family!!

  2. Hoyas79

    6 months ago

    Me 2 :)

    So the idea is using just the iOS for music creation, or using instruments and the workstation is possible?

  3. Jeremy

    6 months ago

    Hoyas79 – the idea is just a label that was I soured by iOS as a musical platform.
    We are all iPad musicians. That is what we have in common. We are not strictly an iOS label, however.
    We will release good music whether it was created with only an iPad, an iPad + other hardware, a laptop, or a damn bucket and sticks if it is inspiring music.

  4. Jeremy

    6 months ago

    *inspired by iOS as a musical…

    I hope that answered your question.
    In other words no we won’t be releasing music that was created ONLY an iPad, but we will focus on iOS releases and iOS musicians.

    If you have any music that you’d like to be considered for our next EP feel free to let me know.